Soft Summer

I am just returned from vacation. A family trip, to visit family. Time by the lake. Play in the water. Tubing, swimming, paddle boarding. The sound of children laughing, cousins playing, music on the stereo, motorboats, ice cream, bonfires, glow sticks, and s’mores. The things summers at the lake are made of.

But the morning rose slowly, softly. The visual accompaniment to the childhood snores emanating from the children’s’ room. A mist blanketed the lake and seeped through the trees.

Quiet held off the advance of day as long as she could.






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4 Responses to Soft Summer

  1. Charlene says:

    Lovely. Felt like I was there too.

    (Realistically, i wouldn’t have been awake, but hey)

  2. Just beautiful, Brian. Words and images, both. Very evocative. Familiar feelings, expressed so well.

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