When Comes the Rain

As you might imagine-with New Mexico being a desert and all-rain is scarce here. This year especially we received less than an inch during the first 6 months of the year.

Drought? Perhaps.

Desert life, mostly.

We are fascinated with rain here. We have drainage channels (Arroyo’s) that stand dry most of the time with associated folk tales warning of their dangers (La Llorona). We have levees, we have storm drains, we have firemen specifically trained in water rescue. In the desert.

For when comes the rain, it comes. Hard and fast and cold it comes turning the dry arroyos into raging torrents, flooding streets, and breathing life into this desert community.

In my young children’s lives rain is an oddity, and an opportunity.

The summer rains came the other day.











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6 Responses to When Comes the Rain

  1. Beautiful, Brian! I love the change in mood between the black-and-white images and the color ones. And I love the story. You have such a gift for seeing the way your children see the world. Thank you for this.

  2. Jacob Lucas says:

    Wonderful series mate.

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