La Piñata

Fernando emerges seemingly out of nowhere. He’s been around during the entire birthday party, visiting with this guest or that, greeting each family member, grilling the carne asada. Midway through the party he emerges with her, all blonde and curvy, her papier mâché pasted with a royal smile. All eyes follow him as he strings the rope through the loop on the roof of her head and finds a hanging height.


Quickly the younger children are shepherded into line by mothers and fathers, tios and tias. A stout stick materializes. It is time for the piñata!


[press play for an audio recording of the demise of this princess piñata]


Each child has a go beating the piñata beginning with youngest and progressing to eldest and strongest, each insisting the figure release the hidden candy within.


Styles of attack vary with each child.


Poking at her is an option and might release the candy sooner!


Hitting then from behind when they can’t see you could prove more effective…or at the very least relieve the guilt felt while pummeling a favorite character in favor of candy.


Fernando holds the piñata steady as she prepares for the next assault.


Sebastian gives his best effort to open up the piñata as his Tios and Abuelo look on.


Some piñatas hold on for a time but eventually all surrender to their fate and purpose. The princess is discarded unceremoniously as the children’s attention switches to their candy loot.


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